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    "The medical world has been waiting for the arrival of customization in spinal surgery. With scientific progress in understanding sagittal balance and spinal injury, combined with the advent of new digital technologies, it is now possible to offer spinal patients entirely customized implants.

    But to understand this complex field, to bring together and integrate all the puzzle pieces, it is necessary to commit to a complete process, blending R&D with the industrial dimension. To achieve this combination, a company has to bet on the future with a far-reaching vision. We are proud to say that we at Medicrea have done exactly that!
    Customized spinal rods in 2013, morphologically adapted 3D implants in 2014 – with these innovations we proved our team is the industry leader in spinal surgery products and services. The UNiD concept of a fully customizable surgical rod represents a new era in our relationship with our clients: by forming a planning partnership with our surgeons, we can now offer them a combination of innovative products and complete services – for before, during and after spinal surgery."


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